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Samarucs Jocs Taronja in the 2016 edition, from March, 4th to 6th, in VALENCIA CITY, is also ADI GAMES.

This international sports tournament is organized by the Sports Club ‘Samarucs’, Valencia City.
JOCS TARONJA is a tournament enhancing LGBT+ visibility and demand, to combat the homophobia that happens in sports. We’re in favor of the normalization of the diversity of choice, gender identity and against discrimination.
This tournament is characterized by sportsmanship, pluralism and respect among people regardless of their orientation, gender identity and sexual orientation.
Different, fun, with significant contributions that make a difference in the staging, with all the rigor that Sports Federations demand. Providing inclusive solutions that the current rules are not provided to bypass the diversity of choice and sexual identity.

In the 2016 edition, from March, 4th to 6th, in VALENCIA CITY, was also ADI GAMES.ADI, Iberian Sports Association, which Samarucs belongs to, gives prominence to ADI GAMES highlighting it as an honor for 2016 tournament.

what jocs taronja is

2th 4th, March 2018!

Jocs Taronja is the international sports tournament organized by the LGBT + Samarucs Esportiu Club Valencia. This event is characterized by fair play, pluralism and respect among people regardless their sexual orientation.

Currently, we are organizing the fifth edition of Jocs Taronja to take place on the 2th, 3th and 4th March 2018. We are expecting to attend over 250 athletes from different Spanish and European clubs to participate in the competitions of volleyball, swimming and football.  

Samarucs Valencia is supported by the European Federation for Gay and Lesbian Sport.


Sports and claim

Homophobia in sports

We believe that sport is an educational element of the first order, as part of the physical and mental health, a social integrator. In many ways, Western societies have normalized homosexuality in the last decades. However, there are still areas where it has to claim the visibility of homosexuality or even fight against discrimination. One area where there is still homophobic behavior is sports; as social pressure prevents gay athletes (we also talk about professional athletes) disclose their sexual orientation.

Therefore, this is one of the main reasons for the existence of LGBT sports clubs and associations that, by combining leisure and assertive aspects, fight against discrimination in sport and contribute to positive change in the minds of many athletes in order to break barriers and overcome topics.

These clubs organize friendly matches and tournaments between LGBT groups and conventional clubs. Allowing an exchange of values, promote the integration and coexistence of athletes regardless of their sexual orientation and overcome barriers in sports.

LGBT sporting competitions

Throughout the year there are in Europe about 90 tournaments which bring together thousands of athletes, major European cities host these tournaments: Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Manchester, Prague, Zurich, Budapest, Vienna, Frankfurt, Brussels, London, Rome ...

In Spain, the LGBT sporting tradition comes from Panteres Grogues of Barcelona and Madrid Halegatos sports clubs that organize sport tournaments and promote LGBT in the Spain since 1994, and Club Esportiu Samarucs Valencia joined them in this task in 2003.


Business and institutional collaboration

Of course, the celebration of an event of this magnitude is a major human and financial effort. Because of their size, projects like this do need the support of all people, agencies, institutions and companies that want to get involved.

We invite you to join us. 

In previous editions of Jocs Taronja we have had the support of well-known companies such as Coca-Cola, Bonsa, Bondía or Salvo, and have been sponsored by numerous companies and institutions in Valencia, many of them related to the hospitality industry. The municipalities of Valencia and Alaquàs, the Collective Lambda Valencia, the University of Valencia and the volleyball and swimming federations also funded and supported the last meetings.

Your image with the sport LGBT +

The institutions, agencies and enterprises that participate will be publicized in the following areas:

• At Jocs Taronja official website of, often visited by Spanish and European members of the LGBT sports clubs. This site will be shown to the participating sports federations (both Spanish and international). The web will show the partners logos.

• The competition posters, banners and news flyers, will also include partners logos, and will be distributed at the following locations:

- In sports federations, related sports clubs, universities and sports facilities in Valencia and its metropolitan area.

- At partners premises.

- At different leisure facilities in Valencia.

• At sports facilities where the competition take place throughout the day of competition, hanged or on or media banners provided by partner companies themselves.

• Also, the press department of Valencia Samarucs will make a wide diffusion of the tournament in different media (press, radio, TV, audiovisual and Internet) with special attention to regional television and in other local television stations. Press dossiers including partners’ logos will be provided.



Posted on Monday, September 25th 2017